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Xiamen Loadcell Technology Co.,Ltd.(LCT), was established in 2003, engage in theXiamen Loadcell Technology Co.,Ltd.(LCT),was established in 2003, engage in thedeveloping, producing, selling and servicing of strain gauges and load cells.

Thanks tothe support of our friends and clients, our production capacity has reached 30 million ofstrain gages and 6 million of load cells yearly.

The strain gauges are commonly used forstress analysis and distortion test in kinds of industries, also used in production of loadcells; Load cells are mainly used in various electronic scales, and industrial control field.

LCT’S initiator experienced in the technologic research and production of strain gaugesand load cells. All of our technicians are craft talent with experienced of these areas;
Make sure our products have the characteristics of advanced technology and stable performance.

New Resistance is our partner in Italy.

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